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Closed captioning services

Create accessible content with closed captioning

We create top-quality closed captions with automatic speech recognition and language professionals. Get more views and higher engagement for your content with Amberscript today.

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Make media accessible to everyone with closed captioning

Are you looking for a fast and effortless way to generate closed captions for your content? We can help you! Amberscript provides clear, accurate, and seamless closed captioning for various media formats. Whether you’re a content creator, educator, or business owner, we’re committed to meeting your captioning needs and expectations. Save valuable time while we help you bring your content to a wider audience.

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Machine-Made Closed Captions

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates a draft of your captions in the audio's language.

  • Create captions in minutes
  • Cost-effective solution for small projects
  • Seamless online editor to edit your captions
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$ 0.17
per minute
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5 minutes

Human-Made Closed Captions

Our team of professionals creates up to 100% accurate captions, so you can focus on other projects.

  • Reliable captions that you can trust
  • Effortless, we handle the whole process from A to Z
  • Fast delivery of your files
Up to
Starting at
$ 0.17
per minute
As fast as
Why choose Amberscript

Quality closed captioning in no time

Fast output

Machine-made captions are ready instantly. Human-made captions can be ready in as fast as 24h in a rush order.

Superior quality

Native speakers and quality checks ensure that you receive 100% accurate captions or translated subtitles.

Guaranteed Safety

Your files are confidentially stored in a secure environment.


You’re in safe hands

GDPR + ISO27001 & ISO9001 certified

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New burn-in captions product feature
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Closed vs open captions

The main difference between closed and open captions is whether viewers can remove them. With closed captions, viewers can turn captions on or off as they wish. On the other hand, open captions are permanently burnt in the video and thus cannot be removed.

Are you looking for open (burn-in) captions? Contact us to get more information on what we offer.

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Get volume discounts, tailored services, and dedicated project management

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Closed captioning FAQs

  • What does CC stand for?

    CC stands for “closed captioning”.

  • How do I generate captions?

    You can generate captions automatically using Amberscript. Our software allows you to export transcription based on audio/video files as SRT, EBU-STL or VTT files, which can easily be inserted into a video-editor. Check out a step-by-step guide to learn more.

  • How do I add captions to a Youtube video?

    To add captions to your Youtube video, simply add the file you have created using Amberscript to your video in the Youtube Studio. Click on “subtitles”, then “add” and finally “upload file” and select the SRT file.

  • How do I add captions to a video on Vimeo?

    To add captions to your Vimeo video, simply add the file you have created using Amberscript to your video in the editing window on Vimeo. Click on “distribution”, then “subtitles” and finally click on the + symbol to upload the SRT file.

  • What does closed captioning do?

    Closed captioning (CC) provides a textual representation of the audio within a media file. CC includes not only spoken words but also non-verbal elements, such as background noises, music, and indications of who is speaking. CC is designed for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, enabling them to comprehend the content of a media file.

  • What is the difference between closed captioning and subtitles?

    Closed captioning and subtitles are often confused, yet they are not the same. Closed captioning is intended for deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, identifying non-verbal elements like music. Subtitles are for those who don’t understand the spoken language; they are in a language different from the spoken text.