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Automatically generate transcripts

Autogenerate transcripts from Indonesian audio

  • Automatic speech recognition saves hours of Indonesian transcription time
  • Competitive pricing with the fastest turnaround through AI
  • Upload, search, edit, and export with ease

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Amberscript online editor for MP4 to text

How to automatically generate Indonesian transcripts:

1. Upload your video or audio file in Indonesian. Select the number of speakers and the audio language. Sit back and relax while AI generates the transcript.

2. Edit your file. You’ll receive your transcript text. Easily make any changes in our cloud-based editor.rn

3. Export your file Whatever formats you need, we’ve got you covered. docx., .txt, .srt, .json, .vtt, or EBU.STL

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Regardless of how you use automated transcriptions, whether it be content aimed at consumers, educational workplace videos, or in a learning environment, transcriptions are all about cognitive reinforcement and inclusivity. Some people don’t (or cannot) follow along with audio content well, and having access to written transcriptions is beyond beneficial. 

What industries benefit from automatic transcriptions?

While automatic transcriptions are beneficial in many industries, they can be especially helpful to students in online learning situations. Video transcriptions create helpful learning aids because they can improve comprehension, so whether you’re teaching a college course or showing your employees how to use a new program, automatic transcriptions can help you get your point across effectively. Everyone learns in different ways and at different paces. Sometimes, reading something can stick with a person longer than just hearing that information. 

How do Indonesian automatic transcriptions help people?

Users that do not encompass Indonesian as their first language benefit greatly from transcriptions. Also, automatic transcriptions do not count out users who do not speak Indonesian at all, as automatic speech recognition software can quickly and accurately turn audio into text to then be translated into languages such as Spanish, French, Arabic, or Indonesian. 

How does Amberscript help?

Every company, brand, and institution should utilize automatic transcriptions for their content, from educational settings to social influencers. Amberscript makes the process incredibly easy, completely eradicating the idea that transcriptions are a tedious step that business leaders, teachers, and content creators don’t have time to complete. 

If you’re ready to start providing those who rely on your audio and video content with the automatic transcriptions that will help them comprehend the information, reach out to the team at Amberscript today. Transcriptions are an essential business investment, and we’ll help you get started free of charge!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you transcribe audio with foreign accents?

    Yes, our software is constantly being trained to pick up on accents and know how to understand them. Want to know more about how this works? Read it here!

  • Do you add timestamps?

    Yes, our software automatically adds timestamps, which you can edit if you wish to do so in our online editor. 

  • Do you have a minimum length per file?

    No, we do not have a minimum length per file. However, for manual transcription services, we have a minimum order of 20 minutes of transcription, just so we are able to pay our language experts a fair wage. If you are requesting manual transcription for a file with less than 20 minutes, you are still able to do it, but you will be charged for the 20 minutes. 

  • Do you provide bulk discounts?

    Yes, we are able to offer a special rate for requests above 100h. Please request a quote here

  • Do you transcribe files with multiple speakers?

    Yes, our software can transcribe multi-speaker files and can also distinguish different speakers in the transcript. Different speakers will be indicated as “speaker 1”, “speaker 2”, etc. You can rename speakers in the online editor. 

  • How can AI be used for transcription?

    A branch of AI is speech recognition technology, which is used by some companies to create virtual personal assistents. Companies like Amberscript train machines to be able to automatically recognize speech, which is the core of the automatic transcription tool. 

  • How can I improve the accuracy of the transcript?

    The accuracy can be improved by ensuring that the quality of the audio in your file is the best it can possibly be. Want to know how to optimize your audio? Read it here!

  • How do automatic transcription services work?

    In a few words, the software “listens” to the audio, identifies the words used and returns it into a text format. That is possible through the use of sophisticated speech recognition technology. In brief, such systems are composed of acoustic and linguistic components running on one or several computers. You can read more about it here

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