AmberScript for Business


Multi-user License

  • Boost the productivity of your Team
  • Centralized billing with volume discounts
  • Admin dashboard


  • Integrate Speech recognition into your systems
  • Customized workflows
  • Volume Discount

Customized Speech Recognition

  • Perfectly tailored to your needs
  • Highest accuracy on the market
  • Self-learning models

Perfect Transcription Service

  • You deliver audio, we deliver transcripts
  • Made by humans, supported by AI
  • Lowest prices, fastest turnaround


  • Create automatic subtitles
  • Increases your marketing reach
  • Easy to adjust

For Teams that want to boost their productivity:

The Multi-user License

Save thousands of hours of manual labor by giving your team access to our powerful audio-to-text converter and editor. Monitor your team-performance in a centralised dashboard with centralised billing.

Our automatic speech recognition software is used by leading media companies to automate 'logging'; by marketers to analyze textual data productively and by universities to increase the efficiency of qualitative research. 

For Developers:

The AmberScript API

We offer a simple, easy-to-integrate API so that you can implement the power of automatic speech recognition into your own systems.

Our API is composed of 2 services: Direct (or automatic) transcription and perfect transcription, reviewed and edited by our team of human transcribers.

Contact our operations department and request access to our API documentation.

For the highest accuracy possible:

Customized Speech Recognition

Our team of language scientists can create customized language models that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Are you frequently dealing with specific language, product names or are you recording in a very specific setting?

We can collaborate and gather data to make sure that our language models perform at the highest accuracy in your specific circumstances.

For teams that want to outsource audio-to-text transcription:

Perfect Transcription Service

Are you looking for high quality transcripts without any hassle?

Our team of highly qualified transcribers is supported by the best speech recognition technology on the market. We deliver accurate transcripts for competitive prices with the fastest turn-around time. Just send us your audio or video directly or over our API and we'll take care of the rest.

For video editors and filmmakers:

Automatic Subtitles

Video is the fastest growing communication medium in the world. By adding subtitles, you make your content accessible to a wider audience, you boost the reach of your videos and you improve interactions of and with the viewers. With AmberScript you can automatically create subtitles with up to 95% accuracy and fine-tune them in our user-friendly editor.

You're in good company. Our customers include:

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