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Get high-quality Finnish transcripts

Finnish Transcription Services.

  • Get 100% accurate Finnish transcripts
  • Fast turn-around within 3-5 business days
  • Export your files with ease

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If you need Finnish manual transcriptions, we can turn your project around in as little as three days. Amberscript makes 100% accurate manual transcriptions simple. Register with us today and take the weight of transcribing your Finnish audio documents off your shoulders. We can do the heavy lifting for you, providing you with reliable content you can depend on to be correct every time. Utilise our team of professional transcribers today!

Our transcription services are


We aim to deliver your file in 3 business days. Get your files 10x faster with Rush Orders.


We strive for 100% accuracy, and produce the most reliable transcripts on the market.


You’re in safe hands. We operate with GDPR compliant security and safety.

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Get clean read or verbatim transctripts

Our language experts are native speakers and create the highest accuracy texts in clean read (text made more readable) or verbatim (all words typed exactly as said).

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How it works

Upload your files

Upload your files into your dashboard, indicate the language and preference of transcription style

Transcribers magic

Our transcribers will perfect automatically generated texts and distinguish the speakers. A quality checker will make sure everything is in order

Receive your file

You will receive your file as an editable document ready to be exported in Word, JSON, Text, and many other formats, with optional timestamps and speaker distinction

Who benefits from transcripts

Transcriptions can help to make audio content accessible – for those who need to experience your Finnish content without sound, or if you quickly need to scan through large quantities of audio content. From podcasters, to large broadcasters, municipalities and higher education institutions can use transcripts to engage with their audience. 

The benefits of working with Amberscript

We pride ourselves on being able to create 100% accurate Finnish transcripts. We have a vast team of professional transcribers who can help you to transform your Finnish audio to text. As we handle the whole process from A to Z, you can save time, energy and valuable resources in transcribing your audio and video files. What sets Amberscript apart, is that we use advance automatic speech recognition to speed up the transcription process, our professional team will then jump in and perfects the transcript. Our team are native Finnish speakers, so you can be rest assured that your transcript is reliable to the letter. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Multiple users on one team-account

For large businesses, a multiple user account option includes:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Access for multiple users
  • Centralized billing
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Integration of your workflow via API