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Get high-quality English transcripts

English Transcription Services.

Amberscript offers manual transcription services that are 100% accurate and incredibly fast. Our Automatic Speech Recognition technology helps to speed up the process, and our team of professional transcribers ensure that the text is high-quality.

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Our transcription services are


We aim to deliver your file in 3 business days. Get your files 10x faster with Rush Orders.


We strive for 100% accuracy, and produce the most reliable transcripts on the market.


You’re in safe hands. We operate with GDPR compliant security and safety.

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Get clean read or verbatim transctripts

Our language experts are native speakers and create the highest accuracy texts in clean read (text made more readable) or verbatim (all words typed exactly as said).

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How it works

Upload your files

Upload your files into your dashboard, indicate the language and preference of transcription style

Transcribers magic

Our transcribers will perfect automatically generated texts and distinguish the speakers. A quality checker will make sure everything is in order

Receive your file

You will receive your file as an editable document ready to be exported in Word, JSON, Text, and many other formats, with optional timestamps and speaker distinction

Who benefits from transcripts?

Transcripts are a fantastic way to make your content as accessible as possible. English transcription services are essential for anyone that needs to transcribe English audio content into text. College professors, teachers, employers, CEOs, researchers, and content creators will benefit significantly from having their audio transcribed, beginning with the ability to share it with more people. 

The benefits of working with Amberscript

There are plenty of benefits to manual transcription services. By choosing to work with Amberscript, you’ll have peace of mind that your content is reliable, transcribed correctly, and with care. We’ll provide less manual work for you and a super fast turnaround. 

Amberscript transcription services offer a level of quality that will give you the ability to stop worrying about the content of your transcriptions because they’re guarantee accuracy. Also, you don’t have to take time out of your already busy schedule to work on transcriptions. Amberscript software is constantly evolving, and we remain dedicated to developing our automatic speech recognition technology to ensure you get high-quality transcripts, fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Multiple users on one team-account

For large businesses, a multiple user account option includes:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Access for multiple users
  • Centralized billing
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Integration of your workflow via API