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Automatically generate subtitles

Autogenerate subtitles in Finnish

Easily get Finnish subtitles using our Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software.
There are approximately five million people who speak Finnish. Most Finnish speakers live in Finland, though some live in Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Russia and North America.The ASR can detect many Finnish dialects and colloquialisms. Enjoy our automatic Finnish subtitles today with our fast, safe, secure ASR software.

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How to automatically generate Finnish subtitles:

1. Upload your video in Finnish Upload your video. Select the number of speakers and the audio language. Sit back and relax while AI generates the subtitles.

2. Edit your subtitle file You’ll receive your subtitle text. Easily make any changes in our cloud-based editor.

3. Export in multiple formats Whatever formats you need, we’ve got you covered. docx., .txt, .srt, .json, .vtt, or EBU.STL

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I burn the subtitles directly onto my video?

    If you have exported the transcript as a SRT, EBU-STL or VTT file, you can easily burn them onto your video using video-editing software.

  • Do you add timestamps?

    Yes, timestamps are included in the transcript. You can choose to export the transcript with or without timestamps.

  • Do you offer services in other languages?

    Yes, we do. Our software supports 35 different languages and we can provide translated subtitles through the manual subtitling services using our network of experts in 11 different languages. Translated subtitles can be requested through the uploading process. If you would like to request a language that is not part of our list, please contact us.

  • How do I add subtitles to a YouTube video?

    To add subtitles to your Youtube video, simply add the file you have created using Amberscript to your video in the Youtube Studio. Click on “subtitles”, then “add” and finally “upload file” and select the SRT file.

  • How do I generate captions?

    You can generate captions automatically using Amberscript. Our software allows you to export transcription based on audio/video files as SRT, EBU-STL or VTT files, which can easily be inserted into a video-editor. Want to know more? Here is a step-by-step guide.

  • How do I order translated subtitles?

    To order translated subtitles, you can upload your file like you would normally do. You can then select manual subtitling. Once you have selected this, an option will appear where you will be able to select the language the subtitles need to be translated to. If the language that you want is not one of the options you can contact us through our contact form.

What Is ASR?

ASR is a modern technology that processes human speech and converts it into text. It can capture speech from a single person or a conversation between a group of people. You can use it in various industries to record and track conversations.

Benefits Of Subtitles

Below are some of the key reasons why you should invest in subtitles.

Enhances Comprehension

Most people speak fast, and such conversations may be hard to follow. This is even worse when they are in a foreign language with an unfamiliar accent. Subtitles provide simple ways to get the words without necessarily delaying the process.

Provides Clarity

How often have you replayed a movie scene or video because a word’s meaning was unclear or felt wrong? Subtitles provide viewers with more clarity to videos involving technical language, abbreviations, or specific difficult names.

Helps Improve Language Skills

Watching videos with the same language subtitles provides more inclusive access to your audience. This is because reading letters and listening to sounds simultaneously improve their decoding skills and fluency.