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2 minute read
27 Sep 2022

How Amberscript helps SEO Entertainment spot relevant post-production content

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SEO Entertainment is a TV production company that’s a part of the leading German media group, LEONINE studios. For over a decade, SEO Entertainment has been producing TV formats for private and public broadcasters in Germany and Europe that are modern, creative, and authentic.

The Challenge

SEO Entertainment took on a production that involved conducting numerous interviews; it was clear that a lot of transcription was needed to piece together the content in the post-production phase. The current setup was that a team of transcribers would work around the clock, manually transcribing the content. Therefore, consuming resources and holding up project timelines. 

SEO Entertainment set out to find a tool that could do the work for them.

The Solution

Working with the right speech-to-text service meant that security requirements would have to be met to ensure the protection of sensitive data. SEO Entertainment wanted to work with a European company that operates as fully GDPR-compliant. Amberscript fit the bill perfectly, plus the service came with a number of other perks such as: 

● A multi-user account meant that more than one person could order transcriptions and edit the content at the same time 

● A dedicated account manager that acts as one fixed point of contact 

● Volume discounts for large projects 

Initially, Amberscript came on board for this project. However, SEO Entertainment found Amberscript to be very helpful in saving time they originally would have spent on transcribing the interviews in-house. 

SEO Entertainment uses Amberscript’s machine-made transcription tool, which works by automatically generating the transcripts for all interviews that they conduct. Depending on the audio quality, the text is up to 85% accurate and is sent back to SEO Entertainment within minutes. 

With the help of transcripts, employees in post-production no longer have to watch the entire interview but can now skim the transcripts and find the most important and interesting passages, therefore speeding up timelines and ensuring a smoother workflow! 

“We’re very happy with the workflow, as well as the possibilities of work reduction.” – Matthias Falkinger, Cutter Assistant.

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