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The meaning of Transcribing

The meaning of transcribing is "transferring something in a different form". This can be the conversion of a voice recording but also of a piece of music or hereditary code of DNA. Thus, the verb is used in three fields: linguistics, biology and music. Linguistically, the definition of transcribing is the conversion from speech to text. The result is a transcription.

For whom are transcription services?

Transcription services are widely used by researchers, journalists, media professionals, lawyers, doctors and students. All these professions are faced with interviews that they ultimately have to have on paper. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly common for interviewers to take a voice recorder to an interview and have it typed by a third party. Students also often use a service to help with their thesis interviews. This guarantees that all information and details of the interview are maintained.

Transcribing interviews manually or automatically?

You can transcribe an interview in two ways. Usually a transcriptionist is hired for manually transcribing the interview. This is a professional service provider in the field of transcription. He or she listens to the voice recording and types it out. This is the most accurate form of transcription.

In addition, today there are many software application designed to transcribe interviews. Speech to text engines can recognize words and then type them out much faster than people. The quality of transcription software varies a lot. There are different options between free and paid software, with the free version usually providing lower accuracy. Some providers are also strong in a certain language but not at all skilled in another. Amberscript is originally a Dutch product. It is therefore very experienced with making Dutch transcriptions. English is also a language that is easily recognized by Amberscript. We offer up to 95% accuracy with a sound recording of good quality.

Three Forms of Transcribing

Making an audio transcription is possible in three ways:

Hvad koster det at få et interview transskriberet?

Du kan få transskriberet et interview for så lidt som €10 per time hvis det udføres automatisk med Amberscript. Dette er den billigste mulighed. Det er mindre end €0.17 i minuttet. Du kan betale per time såvel som lave et abonnement. På denne måde sparer du endnu flere penge.
Vi tilbyder også manuelle services til transskribering. Dit interview bliver dermed transskriberet manuelt af vores medarbejdere. Dette tager mere tid, så prisen er lidt højere. Du kan få et transskriberet interview for bare €1.30 per minut.
Få dit interview transskriberet gratis. Du kan nu prøve Amberscript gratis i 30 minutter. Det er nok til de fleste interviews.

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Audio quality plays a major role in transcription of an interview

Many people underestimate the effect the sound quality has on making a solid transcription. During the interview, you can test if your audio is clean and noise-free. Read this article with tips for recording interviews to ensure that your interview is recorded flawlessly.

Transcription in a nutshell

Transcription is a crucial part of qualitative research. Make sure you choose the right transcription form for your project. As a guideline, we recommend to transcribe verbatim if the intonation of the speakers is important. Edited transcription focuses on the content of the saying and is easier to read.

If you prefer to outsource the transcription work, make sure that you work with the right agency and that you submit your assignment on time. Also, schedule time to review transcripts from the agency to correct specific terms and names.

If you want to transcribe yourself, make sure you use the right tools to make your life a lot easier. Use (automatic) transcription software, hardware and a structured process to complete your project on time and plan enough time so that you do not get stressed.

If you have any questions about transcription, please send us a message via the chat or to [email protected]

The fastest way of transcribing

Lightning fast modern and self-learning technology

AI is the future. Our state-of-the-art technology - Amberscript -  is not only very fast but is also getting smarter. Because we use machine learning, our AI-driven engine only becomes more accurate. Your audio file is transcribed with up to 95% accuracy. Only our human transcription specialists exceed that with a precision of 100%.

Easy online editor 

You can easily check the text and make adjustments if necessary. We offer a handy editor. In the text, a distinction is made between the speakers and you can also highlight yourself. Of course, the time is also indicated for each piece of text and you can use the search function to find words.

Import and export in multiple formats

Audio can be imported via MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC and Wav. You export your text easily to a Word, SRT or JSON file.

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