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Our cutting-edge AI, paired with top-tier language professionals, collaboratively deliver highly accurate solutions tailored to your business needs.

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What we do
We make audio accessible. Our AI-powered services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video. We combine the most accurate speech recognition technology with professional language experts to deliver 100% accuracy.

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Need constant subtitling or transcription?

Our API platform is easy to integrate, and allows you to get automated captions and transcriptions in 10+ European languages.

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Get more out of your media content

We support speaker recognition, automatic inter-punctuation, capitalization, timestamps, and industry-standard file formats.

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100% accurate transcripts and captions in record-time

Combine the speed and efficiency of AI with the accuracy and reliability of professional language experts. Order 100% accurate transcripts and captions in more than 70+ languages.

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What’s a referral partner?
We’ll set up a three-way relationship with you and your customers, where you get a percentage for referring your customers to us. We handle everything from contracts to billing, and your customers can access the service via your platform or ours.




Who is this for?
Referral partnerships are for those that want to offer our services to their customers but may not have the in-house development time to build an integration.


Getting started:
It’s easy as one-two-three. Enter your details below, and our integration experts will set up a time to walk you through the process.

70+ supported languages

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English (all accents)

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English (Australia)

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English (UK)

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English (US)

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English (Canada)

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Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

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Bengali (Bangladesh)

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Bengali (India)

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Chinese Mandarin

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Farsi (Iran)

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Nepali (Nepal)

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Urdu (India)

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Urdu (Pakistan)

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Leading the Market in Privacy & Security

We prioritize your data security. Our platform is GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 & 9001 certified, and proudly holds the TPN badge for top-tier content security.

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Request a quote for your accessibility needs

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What type of subtitle service are you looking for?(Required)

API Integration and costs

Do you want to gain insights into your phone conversations, subtitle videos at scale, or even index your video archive? Amberscript can do all this and more with the most accurate solution.

Easily automate workflows and transcribe large quantities of audio and video by using our speech-to-text API. The API is simple, it transfers audio or video files to our ASR server and returns the transcript in the desired format.

The prices for our automatic speech-recognition API are up to 10x lower than when uploading your audio and video. Our team will contact you to explain our pricing structure. Testing our API is free.

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Key Features and benefits

  • Accurate & Easy – as little as one click
  • GDPR compliant
  • Best in class data security & confidentiality
  • Infinite scalability
  • Top notch tech & customer support, and 
  • Dedicated account management


Partner with us

Streamio Partnership

  • Subtitle your Streamio content with ease and accuracy.
  • Allow our ASR models to do the heavy lifting, then review the final 10% yourself.
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Meet our

Happy customers

HVA (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences) – Read case study.

Our research group conducts a lot of interviews. Previously, we worked with our own pool of transcribers.
I’m glad that now our interviews are all transcribed in one place, it saves a lot of time in arranging everything.

L. Van den Berg – Lecturer-researcher at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam
For the highest accuracy possible

Develop a custom language engine

Are you frequently dealing with specific language, product names, or recording in a high acoustic setting?

Our team of speech scientists uses revolutionary new end-to-end encryption models that allow us to take your training material and build custom speech recognition engines for you at record speed. 

The benefit? Higher accuracy than any generic language model could ever provide, less time correcting vocabulary unique to your company/industry such as product names, campaign names, etc., and more time focusing on what really matters. 

Digital Accessibility

The EU Web Accessibility Directive has been in effect since December 2020, and provides people with disabilities with visual access to websites, video, and audio for all public domain content like university and government websites

How is Amberscript making audio accessible?