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23 Jul 2019

How to Transcribe Your Video with Amberscript

Automatic transcription

Are you curious to know what’s the easiest and fastest way for transcribing video? All video producers – take a notebook and follow along, as we’re about to transform your workflow!

What is Video Transcription?

Transcribing your video works in exactly the same fashion as transcribing audio. Speech recognition software analyzes the spoken words and converts them into text. Video transcripts can serve 2 purposes:

  1. You can use the transcript of your video to automatically generate subtitles.
  2. Alternatively, your transcript can serve as a summary or simply a written version of your content, that you can include as a description on YouTube or your website.

P.s. check out our article on the benefits associated with video transcription!

What Are the Ways to Transcribe a Video?

In general, it bounds up to 3 choices:

1. Transcribing yourself, which can be a pain and a huge time-investment. Not to mention, that if you need subtitles, inserting all the time codes (when subtitles are displayed) doubles the workload.

2. Hiring a transcription company. This way you don’t have to work hard yourself, but there is a downside to this…. these services are very expensive! Not to mention, that the turnaround is generally measured in days or even weeks.

3. Transcribing video automatically with Amberscript. We know you’ve been waiting for this – a cost-effective and quick method of video transcription. You’ll get a 95% accurate transcription of your video in minutes, and you can make final adjustments in our built-in text editor. Oh, and the best thing is… all the time codes are included by default, meaning that you can use your transcript as subtitles with no extra work involved!

How to Transcribe a Video with Amberscript?

We’re almost done! Luckily, transcribing video with us is a very simple process, that requires no prior knowledge. Here are the steps involved in transcribing your video content:

1. Upload your video file. We support the following video formats: m4a, mov, m4v and mp4. The maximum file size is 4gb, which is enough for most videos. In case you’re working with heavy video files like movies, you can compress your video to decrease its size. There are plenty of websites where you can compress your video for free. Don’t worry if the quality becomes worse, for transcript purposes we only care about the sound.

2. In a few minutes your file will be transcribed. You can quickly go through your text and make some final adjustments.

3. Export your freshly-made transcription in a format of your choice. SRT, VTT, EBU-STL are meant for subtitles. And for a regular transcript, choose either Word or Text formats.

4. In case you made subtitles, insert them into your video. You can do it using almost any video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or Sony Vegas. Most media players such as VLC or Windows Media player are also capable of integrating subtitles into a video, although you’ll have less control over the process. Alternatively, there are many online services, that will merge subtitles with your video.

And…. you’re done! Yes, transcribing your video with us is that easy, but adds tremendous value to your content. If you want to learn more tips & tricks on filmmaking, make sure to visit our blog!

Our services allow you to create text and subtitles from audio or video.
  • Upload audio or video file
  • Automatic or manual speech to text
  • Edit and export text or subtitles

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