Terms and conditions

Last Updated: October 2020


For reasons of consistency, Amberscript issues its General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement and other legal documents in the English language. While we do offer translations for these statements, please always refer to the English version of the documents in case there are any unclarities. 

The original versions can be found here: 

Terms and Conditions

We strongly encourage you to read our terms and conditions carefully before using our website. By using our amberscript.com website you are indicating that you agree to our terms and conditions.

Our platform and our services

Amberscript has developed the Amberscript platform using AI technology to provide transcription, captioning and subtitling services. We use automated speech-to-text algorithms to generate accurate transcripts/captions and an optional service to have texts perfected by our language experts. Our website is maintained to provide the following services (referred to hereafter as services):

  • Uploading of audio/video files to our website.
  • Automatically creating transcripts/captions of the audio/video files.
  • Linking the transcript to the relevant audio/video content.
  • Our online editor on app.amberscript.com allows you to easily edit the relevant transcript.
  • Access to manual transcription services performed by a large network of qualified language experts.
  • Access to manual caption/subtitling services performed by a large network of qualified subtitlers.
  • A variety of ways to export and share the content.

Amberscript reserves the right to revise these terms from time to time. Users of Amberscript are advised to review the current terms of use, as the latest version is binding.

Free Trial, Fees & Subscriptions: Automatic Transcription/Caption

Amberscript offers new clients a free trial for automatic transcription/caption. If you are a new user signing up to the Amberscript Platform for the first time, you will have 00:30:00 minutes of credits added to your account. Your account also includes a demo video explaining our tool. These credits can be used for automatic transcriptions/captions for an audio/video file which is not longer than the minutes of credits in your account (i.e. the 00:30:00 minutes). You do not need to enter your payment details in order to enjoy the free trial. Note that once you surpass the 00:30:00 minutes of credits, the platform will request your payment details.

When your free trial for automatic transcription/captioning ends, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Automatic Per Hour: You buy credits per hour (i.e. 00:60:00 minutes of credit) which will be directly added to your account. This allows you to upload audio/video files into the Amberscript Platform until you’ve used all credits purchased. Credits in your account will not expire.
  • Automatic Monthly Subscription: When you sign up for our automatic monthly subscription, a payment is requested on the exact subscription day for five (5) hours of credit. On the same day the next month, the next payment is processed (i.e. when you subscribe on the 15th of May, the second payment is processed on the 15th of June). If you do not use the five (5) hours of credits in a specific month, they will not be transferred to the next month in your account. If you use more than the five (5) hours of credits in a specific month, you can continue uploading files, but you will receive an additional invoice for the credits spent on top of the five (5) hours at the end of the month. The additional hours purchased, on top of the five (5) hours, will be transferred to the next month in the event they are not all utilized. The minimum term for signing up for our automatic monthly subscription is two (2) months.

An overview of all Amberscript services fees can be found here.

Duplicate Accounts

Each user is allowed to have one (1) active Amberscript account. Amberscript reserves the right to refuse the creation of duplicate accounts for the same user. In a case where duplicate accounts are detected, we have the right to inactivate these duplicate accounts without notification.

Fees & Delivery Timelines: Manual Transcription/Caption

Next to our automatic services, Amberscript offers a manual transcriptions/captions service. This is performed by a large network of qualified transcribers and subtitlers, who correct the automatically generated transcript according to Amberscript’s transcription guidelines and according to clean-read or verbatim transcription standards. Our internal quality-control officers check the transcript before delivering it to the customer. For this service you pay per transcribed/subtitled minute. 

Amberscript agrees to deliver the files within three (3) to five (5) business days* after the file is uploaded. Business days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the exception of Dutch National Holidays. If the file is uploaded to the Amberscript platform before 16:00 CET, then Amberscript will consider it to be uploaded on that business day. In case a file is uploaded after 16:00 CET on a given day, the next business day is considered as the upload date (e.g. if a file is uploaded on Monday before 16:00 CET, the file will be ready no later than the following Monday 16:00 CET).

An overview of all Amberscript services fees can be found here.

*Amberscript reserves the right to deviate from the delivery time in case a customer uploads more than ten (10) hours of audio/video at once.

Refund Policy

To ensure that our customers are familiar with our product and its quality, we provide a 30-minute free trial of our software for automatic transcriptions/captions. We therefore do not offer refunds based on the level of satisfaction with the quality of the end product. In case a technical error occurs, Amberscript will do everything it can to resolve the issue or compensate for any lost transcription time.

In the case of an automatic monthly subscription, the minimum term of this subscription is two months. You will, therefore, even if you cancel your subscription after one month, always be billed for two months. Amberscript, therefore, cannot offer a refund for the second month in case you have unsubscribed in the first month, or in case that you forgot to cancel your subscription.

For manual transcription/caption, our transcribers will correct the automatically generated transcript according to Amberscript’s transcription guidelines and according to clean-read or verbatim transcription standards. Our internal quality-control officer checks the quality of the transcript before delivering to the customer. Should you feel that a transcript does not meet the guaranteed accuracy rate, you can contact us no later than five (5) working days after receiving the transcript/caption. In that event, Amberscript will conduct a revision of the transcript within two (2) business days to enhance the quality in order to reach 99% accuracy. In the rare case that the quality of a transcript will still not be met, Amberscript will decide on refunds on a case-by-case basis, after communication with the customer. 

Please note that the 99% accuracy guarantee holds true for good/high audio quality,  as a good/high audio quality is a key requirement for accurate transcriptions. For low audio quality files, the accuracy rate cannot be guaranteed. The quality of audio is at the discretion of Amberscript.

Content on the website

All content on the Amberscript website is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.  You are not allowed to copy or license any of the Amberscript website content without the written permission of Amberscript.

Service Agreement

  1. Amberscript aims to be fully operational 24 hours a day. However, if for any reason the website is unavailable, the company is not liable.
  2. When registering for our services, customers must choose a password. Users are responsible for keeping their password confidential.
  3. Amberscript’s customer service is available during business hours (09:00 – 18:00 CET) on weekdays (Monday to Friday) via telephone or email.

For our automatic transcription/caption service, Amberscript shall deliver editable transcripts of the audio/media files within two (2) hours 95% of the time when the following criteria are met:

  • The uploaded audio or media files do not exceed a size of 4 GB.
  • Not more than ten (10) files are uploaded simultaneously.
  • The file is not longer than two (2) hours in length

In case of the following rare events, Amberscript is not bound by the service agreement concerning editing time:

  • Scheduled downtime.
  • Events outside reasonable control.

If Amberscript fails to meet the editing time and none of the rare circumstances are applicable, users will receive a voucher for automatic transcription of one (1) audio hour (i.e. 00:60:00 credits).

Amberscript does not have any obligation of a result to its users. The quality of transcriptions is heavily dependent on the quality of the audio. Background noise(s), low-quality microphones, a low/poor recording quality, strong accents and e.g. people speaking simultaneously can all lower the transcription quality. Users themselves are responsible for testing the transcription quality in order to get an understanding of the expected results. Amberscript never gives refunds due to disappointing transcription quality. The quality of the audio is at the discretion of Amberscript.

Privacy Policy

Because Amberscript takes the privacy of its customers very seriously, it has put a number of measures in place to ensure that it is maintained. To find out more about how Amberscript protects your personal information, please view our privacy policy here.

Your content

Users are not allowed to upload files of the following type:

  • Files that contain another person’s personal information without that person’s written consent.
  • Files that contain information that encourages conduct that may be deemed a criminal offense.
  • Files that the user uploads without the right to use those files (e.g. copyrighted material).
  • Files that are technically harmful to us or services from others.

Amberscript reserves the right to not accept files or refuse to transcribe any submitted material that contravenes the terms that are listed above.