High-accuracy speech annotation services for speech recognition models

  • Get speech annotation according to your standards, with annotators trained on your guidelines
  • All annotations go through rigorous quality checks using our sophisticated speech annotation A.I.
  • Access a large network of speech annotation professionals with our speech annotation platform

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Project planning & quality assurance

Project planning

Together with an experienced project manager, you define the timeline of the project.

Definition of specifications

Define the characteristics and the quality-measurement of the project. Do you need very specific annotations and tags? We’ll define the specifications and train our speech annotators accordingly.

Ramp-up period

AmberScript will select a group of core transcribers and train them specifically to adhere to the guidelines of the project. These core transcribers are highly trained and will take care of the manual quality control at a later stage.

Productivity period

We’ll scale up the number of speech-annotators that work on the project to reach the highest productivity. Per project, it is possible to deliver hundreds of hours of annotated audio per week.

Data delivery

We’ll deliver the data on an ongoing basis and are able to adjust specifications if needed. Our project manager makes sure to meet your deadlines - always.

Why AmberScript?

leading provider of high-quality speech annotation

AmberScript is the leading provider of high-quality speech annotation services for European languages.

Largest and best-qualified network of transcribers in various countries.

we are speech scientists

We are speech scientists and originally used our speech annotation platform to annotate data for our own high-accuracy speech recognition models.

Privacy, GDPR Compliance & Security

As Europe’s leading provider of high-quality annotation services, we value your privacy. We regularly sign data-processing agreements (DPA’s) and non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) with our clients to guarantee the highest privacy standards. Data will not be stored outside of West-Europe and you can delete your data from our servers at any time.

All our professional transcribers are specifically trained to adhere to our confidentiality standards and have signed NDAs which contractually hold them to confidentiality.

Our transcribers never have direct access to your data. All transcription-work is done in a secure way, on our transcription platform.

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