SEO and Content Manager

Full-time position in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

This role is focused on Content and SEO Strategy. This means that we are looking for someone who can take the lead on our content strategy, monitor and improve the technical side of SEO, monitor our ranking, negotiate backlinks and give a boost to our organic traffic. That includes dealing with translated content in the 11 languages we serve on our site.

About Us

“We value taking ownership and setting ourselves ambitious goals while staying genuine and delighting customers.”

We are Amberscript, a dynamic startup founded in 2017 and based in Amsterdam. We are building SaaS software that enables users to automatically transcribe audio & video into text using speech recognition. AI/algorithms and our own web text editor to bring it to 100% accuracy. We help users to avoid the costs and pain of manually transcribing their interviews, meetings, or other audio. 

Our self-developed AI speech to text engine obtains the best results in the market, as proven by independent tests in the media. Our product is being used by more than 350.000 users worldwide.

We are currently in the process of disrupting a very traditional market (transcription & subtitling). Now that we have achieved product-market fit, we are scaling rapidly. Our vision is to make all audio readable, accessible, and analyzable. Currently, we are looking for a marketer to support the maintenance and development of our website, run tests, pull and analyze the data to guide our expansion.


  • You will create a content strategy based on extensive keyword research
  • You will create new content in English and coordinate the translations with the team 
  • You will monitor the performance of the existing content and suggest improvements
  • You will create and implement a scalable international backlink strategy
  • You will use Ahrefs, Analytics, and Data Studio to pull insights about the performance of our organic traffic and promote measurable improvements
  • You will use Screaming Frog and Ahrefs to monitor the health of our website and make improvements
  • You will manage the content and translations on our CMS

Required profile:

  • You are able to work in a fast-paced environment and you are passionate about startups
  • You like to take the initiative. Everyone at Amberscript is an entrepreneur! 
  • You are an English native speaker or have a C2 Level (fluent)
  • You have 1 to 2 years of experience in SEO and have proven results of your efforts
  • You are comfortable with Ahref, Moz, Screaming frog, and other SEO-related tools 
  • You have experience with WordPress or other Content Management Systems
  • You are comfortable writing pieces in English and know how to structure a blog post that keeps the readers engaged
  • You are detail-oriented and metrics-driven
  • You have the ability to work in Amsterdam

More information? Get in touch! If you have any questions you can reach Janaina at [email protected] / +31 (0)20 244 0992.