Online Marketeer / growth hacker Internship

Internship in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We are AmberScript, a young startup based in Amsterdam. We are building SaaS software that enables users to automatically transcribe audio into text using speech recognition. AI / algorithms and our own web text editor to bring it to 100% accuracy. We help users to avoid the costs and pain of manually transcribing their interviews, meetings, or other audio. 

Our self-developed AI speech to text engine obtains the best results in the market, as proven by independent tests in the media. Our product is being used by thousands of journalists, scientists, students, doctors and lawyers. 

Now that we have achieved product-market fit, we are scaling rapidly. Currently, we are looking for a marketing intern that can help us to target the right segments, promote our product and accelerate our customer acquisition and conversion. Preferably you fit the following profile: 

  • You have studied (a subject related to) marketing, business, economics, quantitative analysis at college level (NL: HBO or WO) or have marketing working experience 

  • You are passionate about growth hacking and online data driven marketing 

  • You have a strong motivation to drive impact 

  • You are proactive, good in communicating in English and a fast learner 

  • You are able to work in Amsterdam 

We offer you the chance to work in a team of passionate and driven people who work on cutting-edge technology. You will be in the core marketing team, directly working the founding CEO of the company and an experienced growth hacker. We are flexible when it comes to working hours, we work and party hard and are passionate about what we do: change the world of transcription services. We are also flexible on start and end date but require a minimum internship length of three months. An intern remuneration and startup perks are provided. We are based in a great accelerator in Amsterdam. 

At AmberScript, we are proud to always be thinking ‘better and bigger’. We are extremely product focused, knowing that success is ultimately dependent on the quality of the product. At the same time, we never lose track of the bigger picture. Go big or go home: we have grand ambitions and coming up with new features, services, products or strategic directions is part of our daily conversation. 

Our goal is to make writing and typing redundant: pens are for drawing! Transcribing interviews and audio files is a first stronghold in the speech-to-text market, after which we aim to constantly improve our services. Our vision is to become the tool which makes writing abundant by automatically transforming all audio into summaries, to-do lists and notes.

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