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Automatic captioning

Are you a filmmaker/ youtuber/ vlogger? Running past the deadline, feeling overwhelmed?

It can take over 5 times the duration of the video to caption it. This means that for each minute of your footage you’ll spend at least 5 minutes on manual subtitling. You don’t have to do it yourself or outsource this task to any 3rd parties. AmberScript has a simple solution, that aims at time-saving and boosting productivity

Help search engines find you

85% of videos are watched with no sound on. Help readers understand what your content is about. Export your transcript with custom timestamps in SRT, VTT or EBU-STL format, and easily add captions to your videos.

Reach a bigger audience. Search engines use crawlers to find content online. These crawlers can only understand text, so provide them with a full transcript or captions of your content to bring your work to light.


Quickly search through your content in text format


Make adjustments with our intuitive online text-editor
Export subtitles in SRT, VTT, and EBU-STL formats

Why AmberScript?

minutes of audio / video transcribed



You don’t have to learn anything. Let the software do the job for you, fine-tune the end result and you’re done.

Quicker output


Transcriptions and subtitles can be made 10x quicker using our technology.



Our speech recognition software produces great results - consistently. The quality of your subtitles is backed up by state of the art A.I. technology.

Automatically convert your audio and video to text now!

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Case Study: How did Skyhigh TV increased their productivity by 300% with our tool?

Skyhigh TV is a leading Dutch media production company. They’ve used to do all the logging manually.

“For an interview of 2 hours, a logger usually takes up to 10 hours. That's almost one and a half days of work” - says Sanne, producer at Skyhigh TV.

When Skyhigh TV switched to automated logging, powered by AmberScript’s voice recognition engine, their efficiency has tripled. AmberScript transcribes in minutes, automatically distinguishes between speakers, and every word gets a timestamp. In order to type out an interview of 2 hours, loggers now need around 20 minutes to make adjustments.

"For recordings with good sound quality like interviews it works incredibly well. I think many of our teams can't think of working without AmberScript anymore - we literally save hundreds of hours of work. In the end, this is the time we can now use for creating high-quality TV programs”.

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