Are you a movie director/ youtuber or vlogger? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today we’ll review a step-by-step guide on how to create subtitles and add them to your video. Subtitliing can be a huge game-changer for your content - if you're curious, go to this page for more information.

Spoiler alert: with AmberScript this process becomes automated and super simple!

How to Generate Subtitles Automatically with AmberScript?

And now, let’s discuss the process of creating subtitles:

1 Upload your video file to AmberScript and your transcription will be done within a few minutes.

2 Make quick grammar adjustments using our built-in text editor or order our perfect service, and this will be done for you.

3 When you’ve made all the necessary changes, export the file in the SRT, VTT or EBU-STL formats. All timestamps and text will be perfectly aligned to your video. Now that the hard work is taken care of, all there is left is minor fine-tuning.

How to Edit Your Subtitles?

Now that you have your accurate subtitles, it’s time to adjust the formatting. Regardless of what software you use for this purpose, the process is quite similar. All you need to do are cosmetic tweaks, that affect how your subtitles are displayed. 

P.s - try not to play too much with those settings, remember that in most cases you want your subtitles to look simple and consistent. Additional colors, formatting options are either applied for particular settings like karaoke or to convey a certain style. 

Example 1:

the default look of the SRT files

That’s the default look of the SRT subtitles

Example 2:

stylized subtitles in the movie John Wick

That’s the stylized subtitles used in the movie “John Wick”

In case you do want to get creative, you’ll need to use the subtitle editors. Some of the most popular ones include:

You can find a more comprehensive overview of the subtitle editors in this blog post.

All of them offer similar functions, and in this article we’ll stick to AegiSub, as it’s free and has everything we need.

4 Upload your SRT file to AegiSub

File - Open Subtitles  Choose a file from your computer

Upload SRT to AegiSub

5 Edit your subtitles


These are the local changes, that you can apply to each separate line of text individually.

Select the line you want to edit - highlight the words you want the effect to be applied to - press on B (for Bold), U (for underline) and I (for Italics).

It should look something like this. 

Change formatting in AegiSub

Font & Color

If you want to change the font, you’ll have to create a style.

add style to AegiSub

Style changes are global, meaning that they affect all of your subtitle text.

Go to Subtitle → Styles Manager → Create a new style 

Now you can:

  • Choose a font

  • Choose a primary and secondary colors (if needed)

  • Choose a shadow color (if needed)

Change style in AegiSub

When you're done - simply apply the style to the current script.

6 Export your subtitles 

Go to File → Export subtitles 

P.s - make sure to leave the default format to make sure that your changes were applied

Let's look at the fancy subtitles we've just created.

adjusted subtitles example

7 Add the subtitles to your video.

This can be done by simply adding a subtitle file to your video in any media player (the one we use is called VLC). 

Alternatively, you can embed your subtitles into the video itself. This is called "open captioning" and we described how to do it in one of your blog posts. 

8 You’re done! Yes, it was that simple! 

We hope that now you've mastered the art of subtitling and can apply it to your personal or business projects! Feel free to check out our blog for more interesting reads!