5 Benefits of Transcribing Your Podcasts

Andrei Cucleschin, 19 June 2019

Just finished recording a podcast? Want to attract as many people as possible? Lucky for you, there’s a way to double the reach of your podcast with little effort involved. Here are the top 5 reasons, why transcribing your podcast can make a huge difference:

1) Different experience

Podcasts are great to listen to on the background, while you’re walking or sitting in a public transport. But sometimes you just want to sit and read, and that’s where the true value of your transcription comes into play. By making a text out of your audio podcast, you give your fans more options to follow your content.

2) Wider audience

Let’s face it: some people don’t like podcasts. And there are many others who just can’t listen to it. For example, people with hearing disabilities or those that don’t understand the language that well. Having your podcast in the form of a text gives it an opportunity to spread your knowledge around a broader audience,  who’d otherwise be excluded.

3) More presence on Social Media

Besides promoting the podcast itself, you can easily take quotes out of it and share it through social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

4) Effective SEO

Textual information is much more discoverable by search engines – audio files cannot be found by Google and others unless you write down what the audio is about. By providing a transcript of your podcast, you increase the chances of your content being found on the web.

5) It’s effortless! 

Don’t want to bother wasting hours on manual transcription? You can have a solid transcript of your podcast done in 5 minutes, brought to you by our latest speech recognition technology. Check out our transcription services right here!

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